Reply To: Digital TV aerial


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your brilliant reply. The FAQ about complaining is really straightforward – especially the bit about not complaining about everything!

I’ve managed to find all the right paperwork. It appears to have cost about £18k to put in a digital aerial for our block, which, given the £280 fee means that our block has about 60 leaseholders (which would seem to be most of us).

What upsets me the second-most about this is the lack of opacity in the process. A final figure in February, then an invoice in July that took 20 days to post out (by which time I think we’d all have forgotten it). The invoice should arrive in a timely manner with a costs breakdown and an easy-to-understand explanation of how wiring up the block could get to that figure.

What upsets me the most is the following simple fact: I’m being charged £280 for a TV aerial.

When you get to that point you do go “oh, that can’t be right, can it?”