Reply To: Waxham & Ludham Works


Email sent to Councillors: 11jul2015

Hi Maeve and Theo
I am forwarding the email sent to John Rutter regarding the Major Works for Ludham and Waxham and the Draconian costs to be met by Leaseholders in this age of Austerity…!!
Us Leaseholders have gone thru a roller coaster ride recently with very little peace of mind::
Regeneration..threat of Demolition… no alternate dwellings.. Shared Equity.. Co Ownership .. no prospects of mortgages due huge Major works anticipated bills…AND YET no sweat for the Tenants ..ONLY Leaseholders!!
do you honestly consider this JUST!!
would be interested if the Councillors can speak on Leaseholders BEHALF.
kind regards
Shafeeq Siddiqui
Chair Ludham & Waxham Leaseholders (15% of total Residents)

Email from John Rutter to John Kitching LH in Waxham and leading our discussion with Camden.

It was a pleasure to meet you and Shafeeq last night. Actually Pat O’Neill arrange the meeting to present the project to residents. I came along to take specific Leaseholder questions. The Lease defines the block e.g. Waxham in which your flat is located. This means that you all share the costs of maintenance of the block.
1. Thank you for your advance notice of your FOI request.
My reading of Gavin Haynes response which I incorporated in my earlier reply to you is that it is unlikely that your blocks would be demolished.
You can of course challenge the costs or works on grounds of reasonableness at the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) formerly the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT). It would be advisable to take this course of action only after receiving the Final Account. I say this because there is little point in challenging the costs until you know what the actual costs are. It does not prejudice your case to challenge costs after receiving the Final Account.
IF the costs are capped at £15,000 in the Final Account which is a possibility then you may not need to take a challenge.
Just to be clear – for the lowest estimate which is about £20,000 – the FTT would have to order a reduction of more than 25% before you would see any reduction below a £15,000 cap.
2. The sooner that you send me further observations the better as I can only instruct the works to start once all observations have been replied to.
3. Noted.
4. You can seek advice free from LEASE at

John Rutter
Consultation & Final Account Officer