Reply To: Digital TV aerial


Hi Caz,

Unfortunately that’s not right… this link might help you:

In particular: “When are service charge costs “incurred”?” (it says service charges but I believe it is also applicable to Major Works): “Section 20B Landlord and Tenant Act 1985: service charges must be demanded within 18 months from when the costs were incurred unless the landlord notifies you they will be demanded at a later date.”

If you haven’t received the Section 20B notice then you may not have to pay (I’m no lawyer!), but if you have been regularly receiving Section 20B notices – at least once every 18 months – about the bill for the major works on your TV aerial not having been finalised, then it looks like you will have to pay… unless anyone knows better of course! 🙂

More details about Section 20B notices here: