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Hello Ross. My father is a leaseholder on the Ainsworth Estate and has been given notice of major works including cladding along with a massive estimate for his share of the costs. I don’t know how these things are usually done but it does seem as if the Council is doing its best to prevent any meaningful or co-ordinated response to proposals.

Tenants and leaseholders are being kept separated in all of this. I know that issues such as costs are different for each group but destroying the environment of the estate and how the Council is prioritising its much reduced funding is something that affects all residents. I understand that the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate Tenants and Residents Association was not even aware of the proposals until the day of a leaseholders meeting set up by the Council, even though according to officials “it was probable that there had been a tenants meeting on the proposals”.

You kindly added a link to the Camden planning page for the works on your estate but even though my father has received a letter about the planning application with a short deadline to make a response – really I don’t think 21 days is very long! – I couldn’t find anything on the Ainsworth works.

We would be most grateful for more information on fighting these proposals and will be getting in touch separately – I just wanted to add to this Board so that people who might be looking for information are aware of what is happening. Perhaps it would be a good idea to include the TRA and I’ll send them a link to this forum if they are not already aware of it.