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Hi Ann
I feel and share your pain on the way we have been treated. It must be particularly stressful for your father.

In theory you should be able to voice your concerns via the consultation process and submit your comments via the consultation officer that you have been allocated. In practise, these people seem determined to push these projects through regardless of objections and costs. In our case the head of the project, the assistant and the consultation officer have all gone on holidays and won’t even be back until after the deadline! So not very convincing.

The planning department are the best chance for submitting comments and objections. These need to be as technical and specific to the works and impacts as possible. No-one seems bothered about affordability for some reason. Even though leaseholders are going to face bills they cant pay (mine is £17,400!) and the tenants’ share of the tab is going to be picked up via the public through council tax and charges. And this is supposed to be a time of austerity and removal of “heating poverty” is supposed to be a main incentive for this EWI work.

The letter should have a planning number on it will. If you follow the link below you should then be able to enter the code and find somewhere to enter your comments and objections for the planning department to see.

planning link – click here

Please also add the reference here so that other people can access it and add their comments.
The planning process should also give the opportunity for other people that may be effected by the works to make their comments. E.g. Someone living opposite might object to the appearance and claim that it is blocking their view. This has not been done in this case and it is very difficult to find out what is going on – even if you are aware of it. A lot of people in the vicinity are going to have a real shock too late for them to do anything about it.

I just searched for something on the project on your father’s estate and can’t find it even when I am looking for it.

The link to the Hillgrove estates is in my post above and be accessed and commented on whether you live in that estate OR NOT.

There are lots of comments and objections there that you should read and copy the bits that are useful for blocking the works at yours as well. For example, damp issues, appearance issues, loss of light, attraction of graffiti all apply in your case as well. If you could post your number I could have a look to see if there is anything that can be used in our case.

We have to work together and share information.

Please also feel free to email me at rossyb AT