Reply To: Heating Replacement (Specifically at Millman Street)


Peter Wright, chair of the Leaseholders’ Forum is very much of the opinion that you can state/observe (demand??) that they need to revisit the options appraisal, since the current figures base no resemblance to the original proposals (therefore invalidating the exercise) especially as it appears, from what you say, that the work has not yet started on your area.

I’m not sure, being honest, whether anyone has tried that tack with Camden; do feel free to give it a go and contact me/us here, letting us know how it goes. As this is a pan-borough issue, if it gets refused out of hand, I’m happy to escalate it via the Leaseholders’ Forum to see if that would have any more success (no guarantees!).

Best regards, Paul, Leaseholders’ Forum member.