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How are these people expected to pay £17,400…or anything near that? Some time ago the internal area of the Blocks in NW8 Hilgrove Estate were re-floored. Within ten years, the areas are being done again. Why? Because the original flooring was not “fit-for-purpose”. This is highly relevant to this discussion: it is an example of the zero-democracy policy operated towards lease-holders and tennants {at the time we could only vote on the colour}. The areas should have been tiled, not pasted with floor-like glue that now looks like it was laid down when the blocks were first built. These blocks were built around 1954 and as far as I know were awarded a prize for the “Best Council Estate in the Country” back then. People admire the blocks as they are. If there are any plans to change the look of these blocks why have I not heard of it? Residents are currently under-going major refurbishment works to the interior of the blocks including the lifts. If you plan to change the look and feel of the blocks for the purposes of lagging, then don’t ask the residents to contribute. Up and down the country lagging is being fitted for free in most cases. You are creating lease-holder poverty by embarking down this route. Would you like more people to move out {like a neighbour has done recently, due to these cost}? Are you planning for making people home-less who cannot pay? Effectively we are all subject to higher energy bills and now, on top of that a proposed huge economic burden that {on a per unit / flat basis} will never be re-couped through reductions in heating bills for leaseholders. I suspect you will have an answer for all of this. So do I…it’s called “rip-off Britain”. Owning a “Lease” is un-heard of in most European Countries – we don’t even own the flats we live in. Before replying “you knew that when you moved in” doesn’t make it right. People have to live somewhere on this Monopoly board called the UK.