Reply To: Help please: Maiden Lane major work massive estimate


You really need to refer to the terms of your lease to see what you can and can’t do.
The Mandatory Reduction in Service Charge may apply if Camden have received funding from any government programme applied for since 12 August 2014 and the leaseholder is a qualifying lessee, meaning an individual who occupies the dwelling as his or her only or principal home. This caps service charges at £15000 for a five year period.
You should now be in a consultation period and you can email the consultation coordinator to ask if this will apply and whether they have received government funding. If it is part of the Better Homes work that is being undertaken on Chester Road then it will be part of the cap but only if it is completed by March 2016. It seems unclear if they will be entitled to funding if they do not complete by this time.

It is normally part of the lease to pay the service charge before the work is carried out but there are various methods of financial help such as spreading the payments that you can find out about by contacting Camden.

It is normally the leaseholders responsibility to pay for the works. There may be some cases where it is not. The leaseholders advisory service is a great reference point for further info. If it goes to tribunal the main thing that they look at is reasonableness and liability to pay but it will always come down to what your lease says so you need to study this.