Reply To: Help please: Maiden Lane major work massive estimate


Thank you so much for your replies. The letter mentions “major works (better homes)” but there is no guarantee/certainty about government funding.
The council officer says that they want to complete the works before March 16 so that they can apply for the government funding. That means that the mandatory capping is uncertain and that they intend to carry out the works anyway. There is no guarantee either that the work will be completed by March 16.
They have already chosen one contractor and the quote was given by that one contractor, because they didn’t have to go through tenders for this apparently.
We are now in the consultation phase, but if the council already decided to carry out the work, what kind of observations from leaseholders can really be taken into account? Or is this just an exercise “for the records”?
Have anyone gone through this and how have you challenged the council?
many thanks