Reply To: Help please: Maiden Lane major work massive estimate


First of all I have been doing loads of research because I am going through this myself. I am not a solicitor and I am happy to be corrected. Please check everything yourself.

Even if Camden go ahead and do the work when they send you the service charge bill (and even after you have paid it) if you do not believe it to be reasonable and/or that you are liable to pay then you can raise the issue with the First-tier tribunal (what used to be the LVT I think). As I said before it will mainly come down to your lease but I think it is worth making observations so if it comes to a tribunal you can at least say that you made observations and they ignored them. It is their legal obligation to give you this chance and they have to respond to every observation. If they do not carry out the consultation properly they will not be able to charge any household over £250 so I expect them to be very thorough (you are getting charged for the consultation process too).

One issue that I have raised (and has been won previously) is that of the issue of improvement or repair.
I do not need new windows and I definitely do not need or want the double glazing that they intend to fit. They are able to charge me for necessary repairs but not for improvements and as I don’t even need a repair I don’t think they can charge me for changing the window. I also think that they need planning permission which they haven’t got. I called the planning people and they agreed with me so I let them know about this straight away.
There are some changes that I definitely need and I will have to pay for and cannot argue. For example the hallway has wood chip wallpaper and awful carpets. These do not meet the re fire regs and will have to be changed. There’s not point arguing with this. You need to figure out what is and what isn’t “reasonable”.