Reply To: major works cap


Hi Guilia,

Glad to hear from you – and brilliant you are a games artist.

But yes, the costs for works should be proportioned according to square footage. I think very important you write direct to the Camden Council Leaseholders section. The two problems you mention are both extremely serious – I think the £3000 for works carried out before you bought your flat should be paid by the previous owner or you at least should have been told. I’m hoping your agent who sold you the flat can advise you. As for more planned works on the heating system, I would enclose a copy of your bill from recent works on heating and send that with your letter to Camden Council Leaseholders section. They sent me a reasonable and fair explanation of works to come – I think the wording of their documents meant for general use covering so many different cases can be confusing and even a bit alarming. They are looking at budgets now and now is the time to address the problems in a letter with documents if you can get copies made.

I am a little less worried now because so many leaseholders are writing letters and concerned – for instance, if I need to sell my flat, I absolutely would need to inform the next potential owner of the works to come. The question marks over the potential costs could make my flat unsaleable. So we have many concerns on many levels.

On the bright side, the previous owner of my flat was a gaming expert who was one of the innovators of animated advertising on the internet. His name is Anthony Rushton and although I never met him I looked him up on Google. It really does look like a field with fantastic potential. So your long-term future as a gaming artist looks truly great.

So hang in there, and try and reason with the previous owner/agent and the Council. It’s so important you stand up for your rights – you will be listened to here and together we will make sure all our concerns are heard. Try and get your individual case heard because the general letters written for a multitude of cases don’t always communicate all that well with the individual.

I didn’t go to the meeting because I got a letter which reassured me about how the works would be concentrating on areas that affect me and not general maintenance and so on for all blocks. Let me know how things go.