Reply To: major works cap


With regard to the application of the £15000 cap and what grant money Camden has received Peter Wright suggests above that the ball is with Central Government. Fiona McKenzie asked a very useful question to the GLA via the Freedom of Information act. The results can be found here and I have copied some of it below.
“Camden’s submission for the 2015-16 Decent Homes Backlog Fund provided for a total of 1559 dwellings to be made decent at a total cost of £26,299,627. The funding was approved on 5th January 2015
The GLA does not collect information on individual projects for the Decent Homes Backlog Fund.
The Decent Homes grant funding agreement requires local authorities to complete and submit an Annual Statement of Grant Usage to account for the funding received during the previous financial year, this must be accompanied by an independent report prepared by a reporting accountant.
In the 2012-15 Decent Homes Programme, funding was allocated by the Homes and Communities Agency. Allocations for the London Borough of Camden were as follows
Year Allocation Homes Made Decent
2012-13 £20M 2114
2013-14 £10M 885
2014-15 £15M 1302
Total £45M 4301
It is thus up to Camden to allocate the funds.