Reply To: Service Charges


…the funny {or annoying} thing is we are charged a management fee to administer {in part} sending us details of future works and ‘observations’ that are received like water off a duck’s back at Camden town hall. Of all the responses I’ve ever seen there’s only one suggestion I can remember from a leaseholder over the years that was adopted by the council. Service charges {not only from the Borough of Camden} across the UK are a multi-billion pound industry and symbolise {along with the whole concept of a lease – what is that for?} gold-plated, rip-off, treasure island {for some} Britain. Owner occupation in the former Eastern Block countries {where my ex-wife came from} involves no lease and a proper democratic process for capital works. We may as well tell Camden to just ‘get on with things’ and save us the time and money of apparently being consulted on matters as they opt for yet another incredibly expensive contractor who’s won out in their so-called tendering process. Why councils don’t work together across London to have their own {in-house} teams of repair and installation people run, say, like Transport for London {who don’t make a profit}, with {like everything} good management I’m sure this would be a better model than continuously having to find and deal with private profit making organisations.