Reply To: Excessive Service Charge


I totally feel the same! this year I sent an email to the lease holders services to ask for some explanation.
My bill is over 1900£ (including 800£ of water and gas), and the also sent me a major work notice of 1300£ (which none of the people I spoke to at the phone can still explain what works will be about).
Including in the costs there is a 80£ a year for the ventilation system?!?! it’s just a fan, that we changed last year and it costed me over a 1000£ ( already a rip off), and another fee for the Door system (they never broke down), and the care taking is listed twice ( also care taking means just cleaning the stairs once in a while, that’s all) ?!
I am so sick of the Council and how the treat leaseholders as walking, dumb, wallets. I bought a flat in this horrible building because I couldn’t afford anything better, but it’s turning out that it will cost me more then a better house is a more secure area!
I also have to deal with loud neighbours, leaks, and stealing in the communal ares.
How can we move toward a change?