Reply To: Excessive Service Charge


I also feel that they don’t have any track of the works carried out in the flats (the even forgot to install the bloody new fan in my bathroom, and they billed me without doing the job!).
I already started a formal complaint about a leak in my flat from one of their property that it’s on since last DECEMBER!
But I still feel they don’t care, and they won’t improve any of the services!
What’s the institution in charge of the Council? I think we really need to start a formal battle, in order to make things better. I can’t live in the Fear of more HUGE bills coming at my doorstep. My house is costing me over since a bought my flat (a little 45 m, 1 bed) It’s costing me around 4000£ a year just in bills and major work!! who can afford that?!?!
And for what? for living in a horrible area, with no improvements at all!