Reply To: Excessive Service Charge


Hi all, I feel exactly the same frustration due to the inexplicably high service charges.

I have bought my flat in 2006. An ex council flat was the only decently sized property in a central location I could afford.
The service charges have gone up so much that I pay as much or more than other people I know pay in private flats, with 24 hours concierge and neighbours that do not spit, pee or litter in the communal areas like they do in the street. Estimate service charge for 2016-17 are now £ 2,413.74 plus an extra £ 2,413.74 major work estimate.
This is without taking into consideration the new lifts that were replaced last year
and that due to carelessness look exactly the same as the
old ones as nobody really gives a damn if the communal areas are clean or not especially if they
do not get the same kind of bills leaseholders get.

It seems to me the few leaseholders in Camden and probably in other council in London are targeted and treated like “money pigs”.

Better homes is a great project and I am sure everybody welcomes decent communal areas and decent looking council blocks/flat but overcharging the few of us that own the properties is just going to drive us away as unable to afford to pay the yearly fees without seeing any benefits.