Reply To: Water damage


Hi Emma and Simon

I have a similar water-related problem due to Camden’s negligence. I am a leaseholder on the top floor of a block of flats. In June this year during the heavy rain, water leaked in through my bathroom ceiling. I have lived in my flat for 13 years and this is the third time this has happened because Camden has never properly maintained the flat roof of the block. All four residents on the top floor of the block suffered the same leak.

When the leak occurred, my neighbours (all tenants) informed me that Camden were sending round an emergency electrician to disconnect the lights because of the danger posed by water pouring in through the light fittings. They said that I should call Camden to ask the electrician to call round to my place to do the same. I was really furious to be told by Camden’s emergency repair line that I would have to call my own electrician under my home contents insurance since Camden would not deal with any damage within my own flat – even though it had been caused by Camden’s negligence.

Emma – it is really helpful to know that you have managed to get the excess back from Camden. I’m going to call leaseholder services today to pursue this. I have already had the run around from Camden after writing to complain – directing me to Zurich again. In my past experience, the claim is always assessed at £249.99 meaning that that the leaseholder has to pay. When I called Zurich, they also told me that if they send out a loss adjuster to assess the claim that this amount is deducted from the claim settlement! Even more outrageous.

Will keep you posted on how I get on