Reply To: Water damage


I got a £250 refund from Camden to cover the insurance excess for water damage from a roof leak, after Emma (see comment above) suggested trying that route. After I lodged the claim with Zurich, they said that I could leave the claim pending until I had obtained estimates for the repair. At the same time, I sent a complaint to Leaseholder Services asking for the excess to be refunded (because it was the 3rd time I had had a leak). Then surprisingly the next day got a call from a very sympathetic guy in Housing Complaints and a cheque a few days later. I arranged to have the water damage fixed myself and now suppose that I will have to submit the estimates (which are actually invoices since I have already had the work done) to Zurich and see whether they agree to cough up. It’s a bit tricky because the repair work actually only cost just over £250 so hardly worth the hassle of claiming now that Camden have re-imbursed me – though I guess that Camden could think my claim was a scam. Also since they have done nothing so far to repair the roof properly, it is quite possible that I will suffer further water damage in future 🙁