Reply To: Major Works billed as Service Charges


I have just had a bill of £14,999 for renewal of the communal heating system on the Webheath estate. This also covers only works completed up to March 2016, so I have an awful fear that I will get a similarly huge bill this time next year.

As I understand it, Major Works can be billed as service charges, as long as leaseholders were informed in advance via a Section 20 (S20) notice. You should have been served a S20 notice a fair while ago, and probably also had the opportunity to contribute to a consultation on the different options.

I contributed to the consultation, as did many other Webheath leaseholders, but to my dismay Camden still opted for the most expensive option – which will decimate my finances.

I believe there is a cap of £15k, which may be why Camden bill us annually – it means they can bill us for just shy of the price cap more than once, thereby reclaiming their ridiculous costs.

So: I am afraid I can’t help you understand the huge bill, but I would expect you to have been served a S20 notice at some point over the past few years.