Reply To: Major Works billed as Service Charges


Hi Emma and Alex
Check out an earlier discussion on this subject ‘Heating Replacement (Specifically at Millman Street)’. The Millman Street TRA have been fighting Camden’s proposal to refurbish the heating and HW system since last year on several grounds, (expense, suitability of design, transparency of process, etc) and for the moment they have backed down and agreed to re-evaluate the proposal. In the course of this process, we invited reps from the Highgate Estate TRA to attend our TRA meeting. Leaseholders there did manage to opt-out of Camden’s heating refurbishment proposal successfully and some had had individual systems installed – so it seems that there are precedents for this.
All this is not necessarily helpful in that you have already had the work done and it looks difficult to protest retrospectively. It’s been a hard fight so far and now we’ve moved on to fighting Camden’s window replacement proposal – for many of the same reasons that we opposed the heating and HW proposal. However, what it does point up is the importance of establishing a Residents Association including tenants and leaseholders to actively scrutinise Major Works proposals and to mount a concerted opposition where necessary. Involving your local councillor is also important:ours has been particularly supportive. There is a helpful guide to Major Works on this website if you haven’t already seen it.