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Dear Paul and Anthony, Thank you for the responses.

I have been living in my flat since 2012 however I follow all my local news and ongoing projects at my residency.
“Major Works” started this year but the leaseholders such as me, were not aware of the estimated costs of this project. From what I know, the works are about to be over.
It felt like Camden decided to make improvements, opened discussion to the residents and guess who came and happily accepted it? Residents who rent in my block. Only About 10% of the occupants in my building are actually owners like me. But they don’t pay for Major works (at least directly), because their landlord owns the flat.
My neighbour has a flat identically to mine, he pays about £ 100 per week for rent. That’s it. And added, obviously, the utilities. But I have to pay Council Tax + Service Charge + Any Major Works things. Well, I am a student, so no Council Tax for me but apart from paying the whole price of my flat I need to pay so much in addition? Our lifts were working fine, If I knew it would cost me personally 8000 for the new ones, then I don’t want that. I vote against these Works. But my “vote” does not count as the survey and discussion is between those who LIVE not those who OWN.
Even if their rent might increase because their landlord has now to pay 8000 for these works, it affects me much more than those who rent.
Basically, if Camden decides to plate our building in gold, those who live here do not care about how much it costs to the owners. They want any improvement to go ahead. (if you consider Golden building to be improvement, but that’s not the point)

I’ll give Leaseholders Services a call tomorrow about the website issue. Here’s how it looks like for me. screenshot

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