Reply To: Major Works billed as Service Charges


Hello everyone!

I am very new to this forum, but I would like to bring your attention to one specific (and important) fact:
there seem to be a mandatory cap for major works bill for leaseholder of 15k any 5 years.
Here is the legislation referring to it:
Now, Camdem council has just exceeded that cap with my last 3 bills and the explanation they gave me is that there are “different schemes” for major works covering different areas (i.e. heating and electricity, external and roofs, lifts, ect.)and the cap applies only to each individual one… (practically making the cap of at least 45K any 5 years…)
Now I don’t see the concept of different schemes in the text of the legislation… and in my opinion it would be very important to make sure that such cap is upheld… I would be prepared to take this further (Leaseholder evaluation tribunal) and maybe we could do it as a group…
I would really appreciate to hear your opinion and experiences on this.
(I will post this also on other treads with similar subjects…)
If you want to contact me directly:
Look forward to hearing from you.