Reply To: Extra Radiator in Bathroom under HMO Rules


Hi James,

I have had my inspection today as it happens – went quite well although we cannot have the small bedroom as a bedroom if we are using the Living Room as a Bedroom as well – although the Tenants prefer to use it the way it is now. The point is that the Council wanted to insist on 9sqm but will now accept 7.1sqm where there is a separate communal room available

One point that has been made to me today is that the Government may be about to introduce National Room Standards on the new Housing & Planning Act – I have had a look around and found – quite interesting as it suggests Councils should consider each case on its own merits rather than setting minimum limits as Camden has been done (I don’t know how up-to-date this information is though) It also suggests that the National standard already set is 6.5sqm / 70sqft

(I believe yours is 6.4sqm anyway so this would be a moot point)

They also want a wash basin in the toilet which is unfortunate as it is going to need major work to bring the hot water in (and the cubicle is only 75cm wide)!

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