Reply To: Waxham Refurb help please


Hi Tardigrade. I’ve just sent you a message with Shafeeq’s number – he’s both a member of the Forum and Chair of their TRA, so should be able to help!

Re Section 1.
My own personal observation is to get the assurances in writing, then you will have a fall back position if that proves to be incorrect. If you contact the Council they will be able to confirm whether you need their permission, or not, to make the alterations you are considering.

Section 2 is all about local knowledge specific to the building, hopefully Shafeeq will know someone who can help, but otherwise consider attending the next TRA meeting if it is soon?

Section 3: Timescales: Ask Camden what their current turnaround time is (and ideally post back here as to what the answers are!). The Leaseholder Services team should be able to point you in the right direction. Re. “too long” – it all depends on your definitions of too long!

Others also welcome to chip in their advice – I haven’t undergone this sort of thing so can’t provide much detailed help.
Best regards, Paul