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Hi there. I spoke to Peter about this last night. Please don’t take this as gospel as I might have misunderstood…

There are two strands. First is that the council have to issue Section 20B notices every 18 months telling you that the works have not been settled and the state of the costs outstanding. If they don’t do this, then the maximum they can charge is £250.

The second is that despite the Section 20B notices, under the Statute of Limitations, the council have 6 years from when the final charge was incurred to bill you. The trouble is that this “end date” is open to interpretation and therefore may conceivably have to go to a court of law to decide.

So, my takeaway is, if you get a large bill, and either of the above conditions is met, it may be well worth fighting it.

I’ve tried to look for resources on the Net to back up the above statements, but I’ve found very little easily accessible (i.e. non legalease) information specifically related to leaseholders on this topic. I suspect this would be ideal for one of our Guides in due course, but there’s already 3 in the queue!

If anyone is reading this, is knowledgeable, and fancies writing up a couple of paragraphs on this topic, then that would be amazing – just send me a message or click on the Contact Us link above.

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