Reply To: Insurance


Following a Freedom of Information request, I have received information from Camden on the sum insured for other estates. I already knew that flats in the Brunswick Centre were insured for an average of £450,000 each (that’s claimed to be the rebuilding cost, bot the sale value). I have now been told that:
1. Flats in the Rowley Way estate are insured for an average of £9,164 per flat;
2. Flats in the Whittington Estate are insured for an average of £7,065 per flat; and
3. Properties in the Maiden Lane estate are insured for an average of £3,572 each.
These figures are clearly absurd, and presumably wrong. If they’re not wrong, then very many of Camden’s leasehold properties are massively under-insured.
Our leases generally give us the right to a copy of the insurance documents for our properties. This would normally include a schedule of all of the properties covered. Camden however is unwilling to provide me with a copy of this schedule. Does anyone else have a copy? It doesn’t need to be this years’s version – any from the last ten years or so would be enough to work with.