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Thanks Tardigrade/GerryMcLean – I don’t mind paying for upkeep etc (assuming it is done to a good standard) – the confusion is that there are several ‘Better Homes’ Programmes, and they seemed to have changed the schedule of works since the invoice was raised.

You can find out which blocks are involved in which programme here:

The invoice/estimate which I paid was for the External Better Homes Programme, however my block (B00027) is not listed as part of this programme any more, however it is listed as part of the Better Homes Spring Clean Programme.

I have however since heard back from the council –

Due to the late running of the programme [READ: Better Homes Externals (communal repairs and decoration) and Fire Risk Assessment works], these works have now been cancelled. As no works have been carried out this financial year, your estimate demand will be adjusted to zero, in the September 2017 actual service charge.

They will also be refunding the amount paid. They go on to say that..

The Fire Risk Assessment works have been reprogrammed for the financial year 1st April 2017 and 31st March 2018 and you will receive an estimate demand in March 2017.

Needless to say – I wont be paying an invoice early again, though in this case the council were responsive and reasonable. I believe the balance is only due on the commencement of works.
Thanks for your help.