Reply To: Major Works 2017/18 Bill Extortionate


I have also been challenging a major works bill which was issued a few months ago in relation to works carried out in 2014. I was not notified about the works and knew nothing about it until after they were approved and when scaffolding went up.
The whole process has shown me how dreadfully burocratic and inefficient leaseholder services is. They fire off paperwork and bills which are impenetrable and it’s very hard to get through to departments to get clarification.
I have 2 fire assessment risk estimates on my account for £2000 and a disputed bill of £3000 for windows in another flat (which I wasn’t consulted on)- files of conflicting and confusing responses resulting from an original demand for £8000 which has now been reduced because they have admitted failure to consult on some aspects.
The property is due for Major works for internal repairs in the next 12 months and I worry about the cost in view of the excessive costs billed so far for works and Day to day service charges (Which have been consistently double the estimates)

I have now lodged a complaint with the tribunal. The council made out that if I took it the tbibhnal it would cost me more in costs than the demand, but I felt that I needed to stand up to them.

I regret buying a Camden leasehold and would never do it again as there is no control on the excessive overheads and inefficient management.