Reply To: Major Works 2017/18 Bill Extortionate


To concur with invoices sent without details of what the costs involve. It is noted that the council are now including major works as service charges so that our normal service charge for the year £2,700 is estimated this year at £7,759 (Due to works on Lifts) so £775 per month, this without any warning of the increase. Out of the blue, £775 instead of £270 per month.

It is a scandal that needs exposure. To also note that the works done in 2014 with an estimate of £40,000 is still not concluded due to poor workmanship, so we are still waiting for remedial works on 120 flats in Bacton.


A. The council fitted a brand new central heating system for an estimated £15,000 but is does not work because the thermostat was put on the same wall as the hot pipes instead of in the room. Not only that but because they did not follow fitment instructions it had to be redone…more expense.

B. The old windows at BActon Tower Block were fine in our flat they just needed maintenance, rubber seals at best. These have been replaced for a quote of £24,000 but were damaged on fitment by the contractors and negligence of the site manager
who insisted in removing protective covers. These sills were then damaged by masonry being swept off scaffolding above that bounced off the new sills and dented them (Health and Safety issues denied until video proven)

The sills had to be replaced….but the site manager being indifferent then removed the protective covers off those and guess what, they were damaged again.

C. We have requested invoices from the 2014 works but still have no indication what they will be, they were supposed to be offset by grants but we have heard nothing. The situation with Camden Council is nothing but a scandal as written proof and video can and will prove.