Reply To: Major Works 2017/18 Bill Extortionate


Aside from our broader concerns, I want to also get clarity on what exactly the details are on some of the listed costs we have been invoiced for. These include extortionate and vague fees for the blocks works such as:

– Overhead fees for the works: £54,021.78 & £27,000.00
– Major Works Supervision fees: £9000.00 & £3983.42
– Contractor Central Overheads & Profit: £9073.38
– Indirect Costs: £12,748.11 & £18,377.40

There’s such a lack of clarity from the council on these costs and why the leaseholders seem to be being lumped with such huge sums. Most troubling are the indirect costs. According to one of the team at the Consultation Accounts team (who are responsible for suggesting and signing all off major works in the Borough), he stated they are the fees to cover his team of 18 people, their office space and overheads at the new Kings Cross office, but surely these costs are already covered by our council tax and annual service charge? If not, it means they need to find and commission major works to cover their overheads which would surely be a huge conflict of interest? He then back tracked and said it was just for ‘computers and posting stuff out’ which if true, seems a bit on the steep side and needs looking into regardless.

It seems there’s no one at the council to really get a straight answer from or be accountable.