Reply To: Major Works 2017/18 Bill Extortionate


I’m in dispute over the works on our new lift, which at best are shoddy at worst a Kings Cross disaster waiting to happen. Camden bully you into paying the money with the tactics of sending your details to the courts, whether you are in dispute or not. And of course there is the unresolved issue of the person signing off on the works being suspended for ‘allegedly’ taking backhanders. I’ll try to post up an image of the lift shaft in question and leave it up to all who see it whether they think thwy would ride in this deathtrap. EMail Keir, he’s a good guy and came back to me pretty quickly. I suspect he may be keeping a file on all of this. We’re paying for the council’s chummy relationship with Lakehouse, we get the itemised bills to see they have paid, but how do wer really know. Bring back the tendering system I say.