Reply To: Major Works 2017/18 Bill Extortionate


dear Jordon1980 and others, is Kier Stramers a representative for all of Camden, i am in Chalk Farm NW3 2EG?

I recently bought my first flat on Maitland park villas and cannot not believe how bad the leasehold team are. I feel I have no rights and am just constantly paying up HUGE bills, bills that no one can budget for or accept to pay. Sadly I only think i’ll be able to live here for a little longer as I too got hit with an expected bill of £15k in major works…I mean that is a deposit on a flat. In the short 8 months i have been here I have already paid £8k, once of which I was told I had to back pay to before I moved in (apparently it was in my mortgage deal)…so £20k in 2 years all for works that don’t improve the quality of my flat

I feel very disheartened as I thought my first flat would be a beacon of happiness (and expense but nothing like these unplanned bills).

I too have questioned the high bills, but only ever received a response that ‘ a proper tender and RFP was undertaken’… we have no power!

Any suggestions to help manage these bills, challenge them or at least demand better management support is welcome