Reply To: Major Works 2017/18 Bill Extortionate



We are in the same situation at our small block in Kilburn. We had an estimated major works bill in March of about £3.5k, scaffolding went up, and on Tuesday a new consultation letter saying this estimate was to be ignored and the new one is £17k. I’m confused as to how they could have got the first estimate so very, very wrong. I am also concerned that many of the overhead, profit and indirect charges that seem to be very excessive and were much lower or not even mentioned in the first estimate. Then there’s the £1k ‘legal requirement’ for Fire Safety Risk, I have lived in my flat for 13 years and if this is a ‘legal requirement’ why is it only being addressed now and not even mentioned on the March estimate (Oh, yes, Grenfell).

There is a consultation meeting at the Town Hall on Tuesday that I am going to attend, does anyone have any tips on what to expect and how to deal with them?