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Thanks for replies. More comments welcome.

in the above document, the key part in paragraph 1 is:
“in a case where an application for assistance from a programme is made on or after the date these
Directions come into force.”

Our council is charging us well over £15, 000 which we can’t afford, so unless they are receiving funding/assistance from
a programme, ‘Florries law’ unfortunately must not count then.

Also, at the very bottom of page 2, it says:
“Decent Homes Backlog Funding provided through the 2013 Spending Round”
or assistance provided by:

any Secretary of State ; or
(ii) the Homes and Communities Agency

That means most people will have no chance to challenge high major works on these grounds in 2017 and beyond.

Who makes up these wafer thin laws that have no standing against today’s council major works charges?
This looks like a scam type of legislation that was made up to quell a few voices on its day and has now
become irrelevant. Such a shame the council can just dance around this. I think the politicians who made up this
law must be treating the council leaseholders like mugs.

Once again, more comments welcome, as currently in a pickle…