Reply To: Major Works, Fire Risk Assessment Works


Hi, we live in NW5 – we have a leasehold flat which is 3 floors of a 4 floor terrace house. The only communal area is a small corridor on the ground floor, off which doors go to both flats. We just got a notice of intention to carry out fire risk assessment works. The total cost for the property is £13,289 and our share (54%) is £7,179. It’s not even clear what they are going to do, but we are really struggling to see how anything they could do to this small corridor could cost that much. We also got a separate letter setting out the types of work that fire safety work could include – it seems to be things like fire alarms, upgrading fire stopping etc. What makes us even more confused is that the Council did a bunch of “fire safety” work a year or two ago, which included putting a sign into the corridor!

There is a form enabling us to make written observations, so obviously we will do that. But given past dealings with the council, we are concerned this won’t get us anywhere. There is a consultation session on Tue 3 October, but it will be tricky for us to get to that.

Would appreciate any suggestions….