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Dear All,
My first appearance on this forum. I went to the open meeting at Camden Town hall at the beginning of October, and Bruno Filiponni at Camden subsequently forwarded me the detailed list of measures proposed. My own place is on Gaisford St, top floor flat. The main item of cost will be Aico wireless fire alarm, in our case GBP 3,000 basic between four flats (and with other bibs and bobs totalling a terrifying GBP 2,500 each). I wrote to ask if Camden couldn’t run a trial of the Aico system at a few properties before starting to install it, in case it turns out to be not fit for purpose and a complete waste of time and money. I had the following reply today from contract manager Michael Grant, if anyone is interested:

‘A. Previous defective detectors were battery operated alarms which were installed in communal areas as in interim measure. The alarm systems are being installed in the Camden Town district and no faults have been found thus far. The system and components will have a warranty period and Camden will react promptly to any reports of defects.’

Good that there is a warranty period but the reply would have been more impressive if it had stated how long!

best to all,
Adrian Wells