Reply To: Total loss of heating hot water for over a month now


Hi there. I don’t believe the Forum have had any similar reports though their main channels.

For what it’s worth, I’ve found that when calling Camden Repairs they’ve happily told me if anyone else in the block has been affected (if I’ve asked). Alternatively do ask your neighbours.

In terms of getting the issue sorted, I’d definitely ask your local councillor and, given the length of time, perhaps attend their next advice surgery in person. See for more details of when the next surgery is (usually best checking all your local councillors).

In the meantime, do have a read of our guidance here, as that may help you progress your issue. For instance if you get the ticket reference number you can then ask them to escalate it the following day, if you quote the same reference, and ask to speak to a manager as you can prove that the repair hotline’s promises aren’t being kept (e.g. no callback). More info here:

Hopefully someone will also be along to let you know what your legal rights are. Given the length of time LEASE or Citizens Advice Bureau may also be able to help.

Hope that all helps,
Paul Ginsberg