Reply To: Waxham Refurb help please


• The internal walls are not structural, at least those near the front of the ground floor duplex’s.
• Had to proceed without approval. No amount of calls, emails, getting the councillor on board, etc, could get that team to respond. Over a year later, and I’ve finally (after yet further councillor pressure) had an inspection and informal approval but still no movement on the lease. I can only suggest to anyone else in my position to expect to have to proceed with work absent permission.
• For ground floor flats they are ok with ignoring the leasehold terms mandating carpet.
• Still unsure about stopcocks, but the “taps” by the heat exchanger are generally sufficient.
• Underneath all the flooring is a layer of asbestos tiles
• The access panels are asbestos, and a particularly dangerous form.
• Camden knew and did not inform me about the asbestos, which is a breach of their responsibility.

Think these were the main learning points for me.