Reply To: Lift Works: Wood Field


Thanks, WestOneTango. The situation in our building is complicated. Only three out of seven non-communicating staircases have lifts. The lifts are within our building, but our flat and the flats on the other staircases without lifts can never benefit from them. I understand that this issue was raised once before, in the early 1990s, the Council was challenged, but they won the dispute. The Schedule in our lease setting out items of expenditure to be included in the Service Charge includes “The cost of periodically inspecting maintaining overhauling and where necessary replacing the whole of the heating and domestic hot water systems and gas and water pipes and cables serving the Estate and the lifts lift shafts and machinery therein (if any)” There is no reference to whether we (the Tenant) can use the lifts or not. Nevertheless I will take the issue up with Camden Council on the grounds that it feels unfair to have to pay as substantial a sum as £11,000 for a system that one simply cannot use or benefit from.