Reply To: Endemic Bullying at Leaseholder Services


Hi Martyn,
Your report of events is appalling but sadly not surprising.
I have actually moved out of my flat in camden due to the escalating costs and also due to attitudes I encountered increasingly over the years.
I did encounter one quite specific thing of bullying although it was some time ago.
It was a project officer from Camden coming into my home after me complaining about the standard of work carried out by Lakehouse.
He came in with the project manager of the firm and said that the problem was- if people complained about work it made the council
start to look at them. He went onto itemise issues in the flat which could lose me the right to the property ( tiles not fixed, linoleum
flooring ). It was very intimidating.

The system of charging first and challenging later means that Camden always have the upper hand in terms of the threat to the security of your lease/home. Added to which LEASE the advisory firm have just been identified as an organisation who is doing more to arm the landlords than support the leaseholders.

Before I left I called for a Leaeseholder representative to be on every budgeting/ building/ billing decision made as the only way to have
a voice. The process of consultation is laughable and I would have thought issues of procurement would have been more carefully shared post Grenfell. But then again the whole system is about a large fragmented organisation bulldozing its way through the lives of many many individuals.

Good luck with getting Keir Starmer to look into it.
I would be happy to help if I can.