Reply To: Major Works 2017/18 Bill Extortionate

Leighton Grove

For me, the end result of the c.£5k bill, years ago, was very poor work that was so bad the property was left in a worse state than before, lots of very heavy handed threats from the council and eventually an extra bill for £500, which after another year of arguing they wrote off.

This time round the bill is huge and I knew what was coming. I am waiting for the ‘validation’ of the bill which was due to have happened already but scaffolding is now supposed going up 2 months behind schedule and validation will follow shortly after that (or so I am told).

So after 2 years of wrangling I have the councillor, Mp and head of housing paying attention. A site visit from the council’s project managers has confirmed much of the work cannot be done or is pointless, and I have to wait for the validation to formally get the bill revised.

If the bill is not revised to a sensible amount I will go to the the LVT with a solicitor and surveyor to get bill reduced by the tribunal.

To me that will be stage one.

Stage two will be the process and the quality of the works. The work was so painfully bad last time, it took a year instead of a few weeks and the communal areas of that property were trashed and never put right.

Stage two will be making sure that the newly formed Essex builders who got the huge contract for all these works do a reasonable job in a reasonable time and do not damage my home.

I’m two years in to my ‘stage one’, if I can help with anything please let me know.