Reply To: Cost of Camden External Building Work

Peter Wright

Thanks for the comments.

Our next Forum is on Tuesday, 19th November and I have no problem with discussing repairs and works then, and will explore getting an officer.

I would just add to the comments to date.

If you are in a street property, keep an eye on the possibility of enfranchising and taking over the freehold if you can as soon as Camden talks of doping expensive major works. There are rules on how you do this; it has traditionally only been possible if all the flats are leasehold. But, if you have a tenant minority and they agree, Camden might too. The tenants would remain tenants of Camden Council which would have a lease on their flats. So you would not necessarily escape Camden completely, but you would be in charge so long as you are supported by a leaseholder majority. For the tenants, they are unlikely to be worse off, and dealing with you is likely to be better.

If you are in a larger property with a number of leaseholders, consider setting up a Recognised Tenants Association; it makes it easier to employ a surveyor (costs you but very much worthwhile), and gives the surveyor legal rights to see Camden documents which he can then interpret for you. No more prevarication; he sees the paperwork.

Yes, doing anything will take lots of your free time, but if it works you will not be paying Camden top rates for poor work, and this will boost the value of your homes as and when you come to sell.

Peter Wright
Chair Camden Leaseholders Forum