Reply To: Coronavirus

Peter Wright

Here is a formal update on the state of the capital programme and other repair works:-

Update on construction work across Repairs, Better Homes and the Community Investment Programme

Current government guidance is that construction work on site can continue in line with guidelines around social distancing. Camden is working closely with all our contractors to ensure the health and safety of our residents and their workforce. Working with contractors we have stopped work on a number of large sites or are in the process of safely shutting down sites this week so that they can be safely vacated. Where work is continuing we are working with contractors to ensure measures are in place to protect workers and residents.

Community Investment Programme
We have paused all new work, postponing work that was due to commence shortly across four sites. There are currently three live construction sites across the Programme. Two of these sites are shutting down with contractors completing essential work this week to make them safe to vacate. One site remains open and is practicing safe working and following current Government guidelines.

Better Homes Programme and Fire Safety Works
The Council has 50 sites open at different stages. We have taken the following steps to prioritise safety:
• Closing projects delivering work in the communal areas and inside properties across our sheltered housing schemes
• Not opening any more properties on internal works projects such as kitchen and bathroom works, making safe or completing properties that were already opened
• Not commencing any further window replacements across the programme as these require internal access

The Council is continuing to deliver external work such as roof replacements, works to the wall finish, lift installation and fire safety works such as communal alarms and installation of fire rated front doors. Where internal access is required for essential work we are asking residents to confirm whether they or members of their household are self-isolating, should this be the case appointments are re-scheduled.

Contractors have been asked to wear personal protective equipment where required and we have set out our expectations for safe working having consulted Public Health. We are working closely with contractors to make sure that they are working safely.

Housing Maintenance
The Council’s in house team have postponed all non-urgent internal works. Contractors that maintain mechanical and electrical systems such as communal heating, boilers and lift, have all implemented similar protocols.

We have put in place safe working arrangements so that we can attend emergency repairs in properties where residents are self-isolating. These arrangements have been developed by working with colleagues in Public Health.

Kind Regards

Jeremy Shapiro
Head of CIP Programme Office