Reply To: Cost of Camden External Building Work


With not a little trepidation I am about to embark on an external works programme for a street property. There are five flats in the two houses involved, I am the only leaseholder in my house so liable for a proportion of cost. I have asked for a very detailed cost breakdown, and have had a long call with two people at camden going through line by line and also establishing that they will communicate with me during the works if the spec/costs change. But having read this thread I am going to keep them on a tight leash. One issue I have already raised is that in their “overheads” breakdown they included a sum of £6k to pay for use of a parking space for a site office for four months. This money of course goes back to camden – and seems excessively high. Anyone else heard of this type of charge? And is there any way the “site office” can sit in the front garden rather than in a parking space?