Reply To: Cost of Camden External Building Work

Leighton Grove

My advice would be to stay on top Camden, scrutinise everything, don’t assume they’re acting in good faith, or hat they’ve read your lease.

The whole system feels like it’s wide open to abuse. Google Lakehouse – a preferred contractor, from Essex, that Camden told me they sued in one round of Better Homes, and then awarded multimillion pound contact o in the next round. Lakehouse have a record in Kensington and Hackney hat should have caused the whole leaseholder major works.They went bankrupt leaving workers unpaid…

Some of my experiences:

Fire Safety work relatively recently – they did work that they had no right to do under the lease. Pushing back for a year on the lease issue led to an admission. The bill is ‘on hold’. Next step is to take the admission and force them to reduce or reverse the bill.

Huge major works bill for tens of thousands – they admitted that they ‘estimated’ all the possible work that could be done on he ‘archetype’ of building my flat was in and added a huge profit and 20% contingency. My building (a terraced house) didn’t even have some of he areas (like communal areas) that they planed to do work on.The bill came down to just a few grand in the end but I had to hire my own surveyor and get a report and costing of my own.

A very old major works bill- they dragged out billing for 6 years then tried to cut a deal at the 6 year mark.