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I was unaware of the management audit, thank you for the information about the electronic supporting documents though as I have had major battles with Camden over the years about erroneous ‘repair’ works. They have tried to charge our block for amoungst other things :-
1. Creation of a turning circle when there is no land around our block to build one.
2. Removal of pigeon dropping from the lift shaft when we don’t have a lift in the block.
3. Mobile Security – That was a big one, they lumped our estate (2 small blocks of 8 flats each) with a larger one (6 blocks with at least 20 flats a block) then they just divided by the number of blocks. After escalating my complaint I managed to get them to revise their calculation to divide the cost by the number of flats rather that blocks.

I have complained so much they have made me a key leaseholder so I get quarterly updates about the repairs carried out and can keep on top of it.

Luckily I have no battle over service charges this year but I do have to tackle them over an extortionate major works bill.