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The supporting documents for the service charge bill are not available online. You would need to request them from Leaseholder Services ( quoting your property reference number and simply stating that in line with your rights as a leaseholder (Section 22 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985) you wish to inspect all documents relating to your service charges. It was confirmed to me that due to Covid-19 an electronic version of the inspection file would be made available.

“Is there a way of getting a quorum of leaseholders together to contribute to paying for an independent audit each year?”
The requirement is two-thirds of all qualifying tenants in buildings of three or more dwellings, or a recognised tenants’ association.

Appointment of a Surveyor, Management Audits

To get an independent audit on behalf of all 8,000 Camden leaseholders, at least on the management charge and all these intransparent long term borough-wide contracts, might prove more tricky.
Has maybe the Forum Committee looked into that before?
Perhaps funding could be through one of those crowd funding platforms. If the funding target is hit, then the management audit goes ahead, otherwise the funds are returned to leaseholders. Just £5 per leaseholder would go a long way with over 8,000 leaseholders in the Borough (even if not all leaseholders contribute), and the accounts would get properly scrutinised.