Reply To: Gaisford Street – Major works charges


I’m totally up for a whatsapp group. If there’s enough of us, we can employ an audit firm to really scrutinize the spend. As I said, I’ve paid £14k in the last 4 years, and extremely little to show for it, I just don’t know how to fight it without incurring lots of time and legal costs. Yes, I could get their spreadsheet, and no doubt it would add up to the total, but what we don’t know is if we have got value for money or competitive quotes etc. We need to fight this as one group. As Karl Marx once said, we need to move from potatoes in a sack to a sack of potatoes – there’s power in a sack, but if we all moaning as individuals we have no real power. Step 1 is getting everyone together into a group and agreeing a strategy to stop these persistent crazy charges !