Reply To: Gaisford Street – Major works charges


I am currently in dispute with Camden over another major works bill, that is unfair, unjustified, way above what it should cost but more to the point something that must be covered by their own buildings insurance – it is do with subsidence investigations, which i never agreed to and insisted at the time must be covered by buildings insurance, and repair work that was never carried out. I will not pay, cannot even pay even if I could, and am willing to take them all the way to court or a tribunal if I have to, to show their ineptness (even if I lost). The way they conduct their business, the terrible wastage that they have when it comes to their terrible contractors who charge outrageous prices because they are the council, etc and so on, is unconscionable. The whole process is wrong and needs major reform. So feel free to get in touch to start a whatsapp group and examine legal options, if we go in together it could be far less costly. But at this point I’d rather give any money I have to a lawyer than the council.