Reply To: Gaisford Street – Major works charges


Reading articles today regarding this problem . It seems to be same in a lot of other boroughs as well . There seems to nationwide problem but mainly in london. Sometimes the problem is that sometimes individual leaseholder won’t bother if the charges don’t effect them . But what they do in one block will eventually effect you too . Think it’s important to support each other. Spoke to a friend in muswell hill . Same problem. Council have charged him over £2000 to fit a fire door .
I’ve been looking a doors today , 160/240 pounds . Then went onto checkatrade costing . Roughly tradesmen should charge 350 to hang the door . The maths don’t add up. I think we should all express our grievances as one , even if your block isn’t effected. I think getting an independent auditor would be great . A lot of times the cost are too much for one individual.
Especially legal cost . Only stupid thing is that even if we win , we are expected to pay their costs . Ridiculous